Temporary Sink Rental

If you require temporary portable sinks for an upcoming event, we have what you need. Our temporary sinks can be used both indoors and outdoors. Also, our sinks are suitable for a wide range of events like food bazaars, sporting events, carnivals etc.

Furthermore, our sinks are made of stainless steel. They are highly resistant to staining, chemicals and rusting. As a result, our sinks are easy to maintain and sanitise. It is the perfect option for those extra-grimy hand washing situations.

Not only that, Licensed Plumber services and endorsement available too.

To speed things up, please share these details in your enquiry:

  1. Quantity required
  2. Expected installation date and time (e.g. 15th March, between 10am to 5pm)
  3. Number of days required 
  4. Floor plan / sink layout

Our promise of a quick and reliable turnaround makes us a trusted partner in the events industry. If you require more event logistics solutions, you can find more of our solutions here.

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