Tables and Chairs rental

Tables and chairs rental are most essential for any event planning for entertainment related facility. No matter the size of the event, be it a baby shower or a wedding party, conference meetings, or family day, they all require you to seat your guests somewhere.

Mega Exhibition Events provides the best and most affordable tables and chairs rental service in Singapore.

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White Foldable Chair


C1 – White Folding Chair

From S$5

Aluminium Arm Chair


C2 – Aluminium Chair

From S$10

Bar Stool (Black)


C3 – Black Bar Stool

From S$20

Sofa Chair


C4 – White Sofa Chair

From S$20

Seminar Chair with Folding Table


C5 – Blue Seminar Chair

From S$18

Blue Cushion Chair


C6 – Blue Cushion Chair

From S$15

Grey Stool


C7 – Grey Stool

From S$8

Children Chair


C8 – Pink Children Chair

From S$5


T1 – Rectangular Table with Blue Skirting

From S$35

Square Table with Blue Skirting


T2 – Square Table with Blue Skirting

From S$35


T3 – Rectangular Table with Red Skirting

From S$35

Aluminium Table


T4 – Bistro Table (Chrome)

From S$30

High Cocktail Bar Table


T5 – High Cocktail Table (Chrome)

From S$35

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